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Currently, I proudly serve as the COO and Advisor of The Peak Beyond, a trailblazing retail technology company specializing in innovative software solutions and data for the cannabis industry. In this role, my day to day includes strategic oversight and goals, overseeing operations, sales, finance, marketing, and product development. My commitment extends beyond business success to fostering a culture of learning, collaboration, and customer success, ensuring that we deliver unparalleled value and experiences to our clients and stakeholders.

In the realm of coaching, I specialize in transformative strategy tailored to the unique challenges and aspirations of individuals or teams. Consider me an extension of your journey, dedicated to fostering open communication and collaboration. My coaching approach aims for tangible results through practical, actionable strategies that yield measurable outcomes and long-term transformation. Taking a holistic view, I consider the interplay between different aspects of your life or business to ensure comprehensive and aligned recommendations for transformative growth.Beyond coaching, my interests encompass enriching pursuits such as dance, yoga, meditation, crafting jewelry, hiking, and immersing myself in captivating books. As a parent of two teenagers and a dog, I cherish the love, adventure, and humility they bring.


I look forward to embarking on the journey with you, unleashing your full potential. Contact me today for a personalized discussion on your transformative coaching needs.


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Artisan Cuban Travel Company
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