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I help people start, grow, and improve businesses, organizations, projects, and enterprises.  As an Operational Strategist, I am actively applying decades of experience across multiple industries to executive leadership, developmental strategy,  operations, and management. By guiding individuals, teams, and organizations, I find integrative solutions to complex, multi-dimensional challenges. 

Services are industry agnostic, I especially enjoy working with mission driven enterprises and individuals, technology, entertainment, art, cannabis,  nonprofit, and benefit corporations.


I am committed to and value fostering a conscious, integral, and influential foundation from which to transform what ever it is you are work on.

My life is enriched by my love of dance, yoga, and meditation.  Everyday, I recommit to earth regeneration.  When I have free time, I like to make jewelry, hike, take my sweet little sailboat out, or read from the stack of books that have captured my attention.  My two teenagers and dog fill my life with love, adventure, and humility .  Parenting is the most important job I have held and qualifies me to do most things.   One day, I hope to publish a book of poetry that currently lives in the pages of inotes - please hold me to that!    

I truly look forward to meeting you and guiding you on to what is next.



Small Business Consulting

Health & Wellness
Local Shop
Nonprofit Organization
Graphic Designer
Food Truck
Law Firm
Artisan Cuban Travel Company
Textile Design
Sustainable Tech
Art & Performance
Cannabis Tech
Music School
Design & Fabrication
Yoga School
JA JA Home
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